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Nandomo's Journal

All about me

1 Child of two born, the oldest, to a family of Cuban Exiles in Miami, Florida. Gone through life being an excelling student and performing well in writing and comprehension. Having Photographic memory has made it quite easier for learning and performing tasks most can't.

Currently a highschool student, I push as hard as I can to achieve what I must. Dedicated to writing poems and creating images and graphics on Photoshop, I go my days. Hoping to be a computer technician one day and push forward my dreams. I am a forever Atheist, and do not believe in any religion or concept... I only believe in the philosophy of the three realms, which was written by me... I can be contacted on Aim at agentcommando.

Due to popular demand I add the following... I live in a family of four, my mother, father, sister and I... Dysfunctional family which is always in confrontations, and arguments... All family members try to keep their own way as each does their own thing... I have 3 dogs,2 male and one female... I live in a neighborhood called Cutler Ridge, which I know a lot about, it is considered 1 of 4 major 'hoods' in the area of South Florida. Many rape scenes, shoot outs and robberies... Not a very happy place as most would imagine...

And last, but not least... My inspiration to write are my friends and the girls I love... They give me the emotions, both happy and dark to continue my writing... My purpose of writing is to show my friends in forms they can interpret the feelings which stir up inside me by their actions...
and wisin y yandel., graphic design, hacky sack., ironman and transformers..., linkin park, none..., poetry and gaming., skillet